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Managing all your security needs

Xtreme is a full-service commercial technology and security integrator based in Austin, Texas. Our services include system architecture, installation and service of:

Surveillance Systems

We provide support across all commercial industries whether you’re a single site commercial customer, or a multi-site customer with a footprint across the country. We provide site surveys, design and turnkey installation of new systems.  Xtreme can oversee your existing system and provide preventative maintenance, software agreements, warranty repair, replacements and technical services of most IP and analog based systems.

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Access Control

Access Control grants access to credentialed employees and contractors, while restricting access to unauthorized persons, enabling a business to secure their workplace. Our implemented systems allow companies to audit who is entering and exiting buildings as well as protect employees and prevent unauthorized access. We provide integrated building solutions of access control for single and multi-site organizations. We work with multiple manufacturers and provide support to many systems to find what suites your specific needs.

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Structured Cabling
(Data, Voice and A/V)

Most single site, multi-site and multi-tenant commercial customers need fiber, cat6, Access point cabling and video surveillance cabling.  We can design, service and install your buildings network cabling, MDF and IDF build out as well as certification of network to provide your building with a 25 to 30-year manufacture warranty after new installations.

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Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN)

Stay connected anywhere on campus using wireless access points.  Xtreme can provide an unlimited amount of access points to your network. We can also provide your guests with their own network while keeping your company infrastructure and information safe.

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Corporate Audiovisual and Videoconferencing

Xtreme stays current with the latest audio visual and video conferencing products.  We can provide and install state of the art equipment and systems, whether that be a simple projector or monitor installation or the latest technology video conferencing system.

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Office Furniture System Wiring

We can provide you with turnkey office furniture, cubicle installation and cabling by partnering with the best office supply companies in Austin.

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Intrusion Alarms

Protect your building and assets by hiring us to install and service your intrusion system.

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Infant Abduction Prevention/ Patient Wandering

We specialize in the installation, repair, weekly testing and preventative maintenance of Infant abduction prevention systems. Many hospitals trust us to ensure that these systems are up and running 24/7.

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Many different trade companies may be in and out of your buildings. These companies and tradesmen may leave unsealed penetrations in the smoke and fire walls of your commercial building. Fire and smoke can easily spread if these penetrations are left unsealed. We perform audits, using the latest technology, which provides you a detailed report of every penetration we have found in your building. We then provide a preventative maintenance plan to inspect your building quarterly to ensure all prior penetrations have remained sealed and any new penetrations are sealed as well.

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UPS and Power Distribution

In the event of a power outage your building infrastructure needs to stay operable. We can ensure that you stay connected and operable during the most stressful times. Xtreme partners with companies to ensure that you are getting the most out of your building’s electrical system. Our partners can suggest products that save you an average of 10%-15% on your building electric bill.

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RFID Asset Management

Keep track of your most mobile expensive products. We can help you organize and track your important products.

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Intercom and Public Address

Public Address is used for routine and emergency announcements but are sometimes the most overlooked aspect of a building. We can install the latest IP based systems or repair established, older systems.

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Duress Systems

Give your employees the comfort of knowing that help is only the push of a button away.  We can provide systems that notify your company’s internal security team or police, fire department or EMS when help is needed.

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Joint Commission Inspection Preparedness

We work with hospitals to ensure their facility JHACO and CMS inspections go smoothly. Our team knows what to look for within a hospital’s infrastructure to find sections or segments in need of repair or replacement before inspectors arrive. This specialty and service is one in which Xtreme has recorded and demonstrated success.

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We work with only the best vendors and distributors in the industry to provide clients with affordable, quality material. Our partners include Accu-Tech, Vanderbilt Industries, Genetec, Brivo, ADI, Response Technologies, Exacq Technologies, Belden, Hilti, APC, Eaton, C3 Green Energy and Star Office Products.